Water Sports

Andrew Serack started his photography career in adventure sports, and is still perhaps most well known for his sports photography. Not just a photographer, but an experienced athlete himself, Andrew is always on top and ahead of the action to capture the thrilling moments. It takes an athlete experienced in the sport to give it the showcase it deserves; Andrew offers this artistic and athletic combination like few others. Andrew has been paddling since he was a little kid. It started with canoeing in Ontario lake country and graduated to white water kayaking on the Ottawa River. 

Andrew has photographed whitewater and flatwater kayaking and canoeing for print, private and commercial clients, and special events. Andrew will work with event coordinators for races and competitions, private guides for day trips and expeditions, and with private clients looking for that special photograph or sports portrait. Paddling photographs are also available in fine art prints on paper, metal, acrylic, and canvas upon request.

Canoe and kayak events start at $250/hour with a $500 minimum. For private clients, expeditions, and commissions, contact for a custom rate. Andrew works closely with non-profits and difference makers to offer discounted rates for those who make an impact in Yukon and especially Yukon communities. Email andrew@andrewserack.com for a quote or consultation for your paddling photography, or inquire here.