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Photography is my pursuit, my passion, my purpose.  I use my photos to inspire others to be happy and healthy, to get stoked and get outdoors.

I offer professional photography services for individuals and businesses, including portraits, lifestyle, action sports, expedition, events, and product photos.

Photos are available on commission, license, and as prints.

When a photo or story just won’t do, a film fits best. See my latest projects and subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Andrew Serack is a photographer, writer, and designer based in the mountains of Carcross, Yukon, Canada.

“I’ve always been an athlete and an artist; combining the two was inevitable. Finding imaginative ways to capture people, sport, and the environment that enables them has become a sport of its own. I constantly challenge myself to define unique perspectives and creative solutions for my clients.”

For commissions, licensing, or collaborations, send a message to

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Details, details, details. Everything you need to know to visit the same places I do. I’ve compiled travel, camping, climbing, hiking, food, beer, and rest day information for some of the top climbing spots in the world. All you need to do is get stoked and get going.

Joshua Tree Bouldering

Joshua Tree is an incredible, otherworldly landscape, with amazing views, creatures, and climbs; so who wouldn’t want to visit? These features draw huge flocks of

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Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge: world renowned sport climbing and the best dirtbagging in the East. You should stop thinking about it and just go. But,

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It’s 7:30pm on a Tuesday in May and I’m sitting at a park bench, watching the sunset just inside park boundaries. I’m waiting for the

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I Could Die at Any Moment

“Do you feel like you could die at any moment?” Chris asked at the start of pitch 4 of The Sydney Route. We had hiked 25km with 50lb packs to Frenchman’s Cap in remote Northwestern Tasmania to climb Australia’s tallest route. Now, belaying from inside a massive chimney, he was protected from most of the shrapnel I was tossing at him, but blind to the battle I was fighting 20 metres above. “ROOOCK!” I yelled towards Chris as I pulled out another bowling trophy sized shard of quartzite and let it go into the abyss. A second passed before I heard it explode below. I was on steep terrain, the overhanging rock coming out at me like an array of safety deposit boxes slipping from their lockers. As I tested my holds, each started to slide out from the cliff. Some I could desperately push back into their slots but most became missiles, launched towards my partner below. I was trying to ignore the fact that I hadn’t yet placed a piece of protection. I was far off-route, climbing loose rock at least a few notches above the route grade, and hoping I could find my way back on track. Chris leading the crux pitch, though we climbed harder pitches that day… After traversing the overhanging section and mantling a small lip, I found myself standing on a ledge. I looked around and found the route from which I had strayed about 10 metres to my left. Still without a piece between Chris

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Behind every photo is a story. Immerse yourself in the places I’ve travelled, climbed, hiked, and explored. Revealing moments, near death experiences, comedic episodes, and supernatural phenomenon.

How to choose, how to choose? There’s so much out there that it’s hard to know where to start. I’ve tested equipment and apparel in some of the harshest environments so that you don’t have to.

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