I Could Die at Any Moment

“Do you feel like you could die at any moment?” Chris asked at the start of pitch 4 of The Sydney Route. We had hiked 25km with 50lb packs to Frenchman’s Cap in remote Northwestern Tasmania to climb Australia’s tallest route. Now, belaying from inside a massive chimney, he was protected from most of the […]

Case File: Satan’s Pink Tricam Responsible for String of Climber Injuries in Arapiles

To quote Michael Scott, “I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” So, when speculation arose that a pink Camp Tricam with serial number 0666 might be responsible for three consecutively worse leader falls in Arapiles, Australia, all resulting in hospital visits, I was both skeptical and intrigued. My intrigue only intensified when I […]

Joshua Tree Bouldering

Joshua Tree is an incredible, otherworldly landscape, with amazing views, creatures, and climbs; so who wouldn’t want to visit? These features draw huge flocks of climbers and tourists alike making it both a rewarding and sometimes frustrating experience. I’ve traveled across the continent now two winters in a row to get on the ultra-sharp, high friction […]

Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge: world renowned sport climbing and the best dirtbagging in the East. You should stop thinking about it and just go. But, if you need some more convincing, I’ve got you covered below. JUMP TO: QUICK DETAILS Style: sport, trad, boulderApproach: 5-60 minutes (more moderate than far)Gear: standard sport rig, trad climbing […]


It’s 7:30pm on a Tuesday in May and I’m sitting at a park bench, watching the sunset just inside park boundaries. I’m waiting for the rangers at the gate to go home for the night so that I can avoid paying the $35 weekly park fee. I’ve had 12 straight days of climbing and one […]